The choice of IHC has been to focus on quality of service; training is for those who, in a serious and constructive way, wants to devote themself to the horses;

We expect different types of training, both personalized and addressed to:

Training the rider, who is facing to the riders that already own a horse and want to improve the basic technique of his riding, and those who already compete on shows at any level. Anabella and Fernando Fourcade can meet every needs of training, both for the amateur than who wants to compete at the highest levels. The training is always specific, because we believe that everyone has special needs and therefore is always followed in a subjective and appropriate manner.

Training the horses:

The purchase of a horse, especially if young horse, is an investment for the future: a future based on sport performance enhancement on the one hand and investment, in economic terms, on the other. For this reason is important that the horse resides in a suitable location, with large green areas and paddock, with the guarantee of proper management of its training that builds physically and mentally without causing injuries that compromise the future. Too often, horses with a future full of hope are traumatized because of the environment and working conditions to which they are subjected. Imagine being locked in a room of 1 meter x 1 meter for 23 hours on 24, all day and then be forced to exercise exasperating, this is what happens to many horses that reside in places not suited to them basically. In his work, Anabella has specialized in young horses training, supported by a healthy and relaxing environment, where training is alternated with walking and staying in paddock.

We will be happy to help you grow and improve your horse: let's talk together and find the best training solution at the best economic conditions.

Moreover, at a cost of € 12,000 a year, we offer an "all inclusive" package which covers specific training of the horse and all expenses such as box staying, use of center facilities (horse walk, rod, treadmill, paddock), groom , farrier, vet (routine visits) and shows.

During of her still young career, Anabella has trained a 4 years old pony , who had never participated in a contest, coming up to get placements in GP Pony (135) and medium-sized horse races; moreover two of the horses of his stables, purchased at 4 and 5 years old without competitions behind, now compete in national and international level up to class C 145;