Lisa, Linda, Vittoria and Anabella, the fantastic four

16/10 November, 2012

Excellent performance, many placements and a win last weekend in the National 4 stars show held in Bologna.

Lisa Grilli and the 5 years old female Sella Italiano ALICE DEL SILONE is placed in competitions up to 110.

Linda Zavatta and his new mount TITUS VAN DE PAPENDIJK achieves three clear rounds in the categories C115 and the duo Victoria Tosi  VDL ROCKER was placed in the competition 140 in two phases with a double 0 and in the 140 against the clock.

Anabella Pezzoli riding the super competitive SAPHIR DE L'HERSE won the 135 in time and place second in the 135 "accumulator" with jolly (on the Videos). Moreover Anabella got a good 5th placement with the fantastic bay gelding son of CONTENDRO x CONTENDER, COCO JAMBO, in the mix competition for youngster of 6 y.o.

Well done babies !

Video: Anabella and SAPHIR DE L'HERSE


The YouTube channel of IHC

Click on the link below and enjoy a selection of the best video of the horses riding by Anabella Pezzoli: SAPHIR DE L'HERSE 10 yo Belgian SbS gelding by OGANO SITTE x AYDIN DES MALAIS, PALONA 15 yo KWPN female by CORLAND x AHORN, LAGUN III 10 yo Holsteiner gelding by LANCER III x WEISSGOLD and COCO JAMBO 6 yo Holsteiner gelding by CONTENDRO x CONTENDER.


Anabella and SAPHIR DE L’HERSE got 2nd place at Gese (Bologna)

26/28 October, 2012

Excellent performance, once again, for the pairs of manege IHC during the National 4-star show that was held at the Gese of Bologna.

Again Anabella Pezzoli has confirmed the good shape of the 6 years old gelding son of Contendro, COCO JAMBO, who finished second in both the competitions (in two phases and mixed) with clear rounds (see Video below)

The pair SAPHIR DE L'HERSE (Ogano Sitte x AYDIN ​​Malais DES) and Anabella (in the photo) have won the 2nd place in the small GP, a mixed competition of 135, with a speedy barrage that put champions in a row as the German Ulrich Kirchoff (World Champion), Arnaldo Bologni and many others (see Video below)

Also good placements for Vittoria Tosi and VDL ROCKER, placed both in the small GP and in the 135 in two phases. Very good !

COCO JAMBO (6 yo in two phases)

COCO JAMBO (6 yo mixed)


SAPHIR DE L'HERSE (Barrage 135)



A quiet weekend of competitions

12/14 October 2012

Good news from the National 4-star show which took place in Bologna - Gese, all the horses involved have had good results and standings, placing in many of the competions.

With the rider Anabella Pezzoli  were engaged SAPHIR DE L'HERSE, PALONA, LAGUN 3 and the 6 years old COCO JAMBO,  Linda Zavatta with SZENTES and Vittoria Tosi with VDL ROCKER.

The first day of competition, Friday, SAPHIR DE L'HERSE finished with a clear round in the same way of LAGUN 3, both placed.

Saturday, excellent 6th place for the KWPN female PALONA (CORLAND x AHORN) in the small Grand Prix  (135 mixed) with 0 in the base round (see video below), moreover an other good placement of COCO JAMBO (CONTENDRO x CONTENDER) with a double 0 in the competition in two phases for 6 years old youngster (see video below).

Double 0 and a third place in the C 115 for Linda Zavatta and her SZENTES (BURGRAAF x MYTENS).

Sunday, in the last day of the show, Vittoria Tosi and VDL ROCKER are third in the Accumulator with jolly, while Linda Zavatta and SZENTES was placed again in the C 115 against the clock.

The GP 145 has been disputed by Anabella with LAGUN 3 (LANCER III x WEISSGOLD) in the photo; LAGUN jumped very well, proving to be on right track to get back in shape and achieve the results of some time ago. Unfortunately, two small faults, one of which is the number one, could not give a better ranking but 12th place is not bad for this LAGUN return to Grand Prix.

Video PALONA in the 135 mixed competion



COCO JAMBO highlight in Bologna

14/16 September, 2012

Excellent performance for Anabella Pezzoli and her new mount, the gelding Holsteiner 6 y.o. COCO JAMBO by CONTENDRO x CONTENDER, during the 5 stars National Show held at GESE in Bologna.

The beautiful German bay jumped the youngster classes with confidence, elegance and scope showing an excellent fit.

Two were the placements: in the competition in two phases on Saturday the pair got the 8th place while on Sunday in the mixed competitionon with barrage the 7th place with a double 0/0.

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