CSI *** in San Giovanni in Marignano (Cattolica, Italy)

May the 9th  to 12th, 2013

Yesterday, with the running of the Grand Prix of 155h, ended the two-week international CSI 3-stars show held in the brilliant playground of Cattolica, surely one of the best in Europe.

In particular, in the second week of competitions we saw the participation of the elite of European show jumping, including names stood out Janika Sprunger, Switzerland champion of the World Cup, the Olympic Japanese Taizo Sugitani, the Colombian Carlos Lopez, the Irish Neill Talbot and the French Marie Pellegrin Etter, in addition to Italian Gianni Govoni, winner of the Grand Prix, Juan Carlos Garcia, Piergiorgio Bucci, Filippo Moyerson, Natale Chiaudani, just to name a few.

For Scuderia IHC was in the race Anabella Pezzoli, who got amazing 6th, 9th and 5th place in the 135 classes, riding the fantastic Belgian chestnut gelding 11 years old Saphier DE L'HERSE.

The season is beginning but the results for our team are already at the top. Good luck for the next shows!


Scuderia IHC: National Show in Cattolica


Outdoor debut for Scuderia IHC

16/17 March 2013

The first outdoor show of the season for Scuderia IHC was held in San Giovanni in Marignano (Cattolica), where a Nationa B had place. Anabella Pezzoli, Nicolò Granzotto, Linda Zavatta, Vittoria Tosi, and Lisa Grilli were there. Let's start with the apprentice of Anabella, Lisa Grilli, who scored two second places in the B100 against the clock on Saturday and B100 in two phases of Sunday, without touching any fences, in the saddle of the outstanding Italian female of 6 y.o. ALICE DEL SILONE (FANTASIA DEL SILONE x ROYAL ROYAL SPARK DU DON).

A very good performance in the demanding 115 mixed competition of Sunday, with two doubles 0 and the second and third places, for Linda Zavatta  and her KWPN horses SZENTES and TITUS VAN DE PAPENDIJK.

Vittoria Tosi  got a beautiful 3rd place with double 0, showing good shape and fit already at the first show, in the GP 135 in two rounds, on the saddle the Duth gelding VDL ROCKER (INDOCTRO x GRANNUS).

In the 130 in two phases tree of the first 4 pairs were marked IHC: Anabella Pezzoli won second place with SAPHIR DE L'HERSE, Belgian gelding of 11 years, Nicolò Granzotto and CAPRICE, German female by CARTOON x HEARTKBREAKER, got the third place and Vittoria Tosi and VDL ROCKER the fourth.

Again Anabella with her fantastic 7 y.o. gelding from CONTENDRO (x CONTENDER), COCO JAMBO, got a good 3th place in the mixed 130, with one penality point for the time in the base track. (Photo: Anabella and COCO JAMBO).

And last but not least, good 5th place of the German gelding 11 y.o. son of LANCER III, LAGUN 3, with Anabella: the pair was placed in the 135 agaist the clock on Saturday, with a clear round.

All in all a good start to the season on challenging tracks that bode well for the future of the outdoor season.


It 's time to TRAINING SHOW

4th of March, 2013

Finally now also in Italy is possible to train our horses, especially if young, in real show grounds without having to sign up to a national competition.

Abroad are called "Training Show" that means training courses: courses are quite similar to the completion shows, staged on the same court, but without ranking. In the Netherlands, where we stayed for more than three months last year, were organized every week and they cost something like € 7 per track!

In this way the pairs could train themselves at the cheapest cost.

From the month of February in San Giovanni in Marignano, just in a facility among the best in Europe, on Monday you can participate in these real training sessions on race tracks themselves, prepared by the chef de piste Bazzocchi, with categories height from 80 to 140 cm, at a cost of € 20 per track. You can repeat the combinations more difficults or train the riviera, not bad at all !

The 4th of March Anabella Pezzoli participated at the training show with her 4 horses: SAPHIER DE L’HERSE, chestnut of 11 y.o., the song of Lancer III, LAGUN 3, the 7 y.o. son of Contendro x Contender COCO JAMBO and the 4 y.o. stallion from Cornet Obolensky x Grannus ETA BETA, here at his first truck out door, everybody showing good shape and performances after the winter break. 



To all our guests, friends we met in contests, friends in Holland, our staff and our grooms, a warm wishes for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from the team IHC.

Now our horses enjoy a period of well-deserved rest, but already at the end of January we will be all ready to go for a 2013 full of success.

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