Successes of UNO II and Anabella Pezzoli to the National 4-star show at GESE (Bologna)

  October 25, 2013

The series of positive track for the duo composed of Anabella and UNO II (BURGGRAAF x ZEUS) is going on.

In these kind of competitions approach to the most challenging and heights ones, the pair showed a great team spirit and UNO seems to have great determination in completing the track in a positive way.

The challenging courses of 130 have all been completed without errors and allowed the pair to get a 10th, a 9th and a 2nd place, everything is going well and look forward with confidence the next races.

Start the indoor season 2013/2014: LAGUN placed 7th in the GP 145

October 11, 2013

Today starts the indoor season for the team IHC. The first show was held at the center GESE of San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) and was attended by Anabella Pezzoli with her new mount UNO II (in the photo), 12 year old KWPN gelding by BURGGRAAF x ZEUS and LAGUN 3 (LANCER III x WEISSGOLD) mounted by Luca Calabro.

And it was a real success: Anabella and UNO have always placed in categories 130, while Luca Calabro riding LAGUN 3 has got a 10th  place in class 140 in two phases (0/4) and an excellent 7th place in the Gran Prix 145, with a clear round in the first round (see the video below). Unfortunately a small injury in the front right of glomus of LAGUN prevented the pair of participating in the second round to go to win, but the excellent result of a clear round in GP remains. Congratulations Luca, congratulations LAGUN !!!

Video of LAGUN: clear round GP 145


Anabella Pezzoli and Coco Jambo placed in the CSI ** of San Giovanni in Marignano

15-17 August 2013

Good news from the international CSI ** held last weekend in Cattolica. In particular the good news came from Anabella Pezzoli where was placed in 10th final position overall after a hard base path ended with a clear round in the small Grand Prix 140 with barrage.

The 7 y.o. gelding son of CONTENDRO x CONTENDER, COCO JAMBO was highlighted in the category reserved for young horses of 7 years, with a clear round and 4th place overall in the 130 against the clock on Sunday.

At last a good competition on excellent courses with excellent organization!


Anabella Pezzoli was 2nd at the National 4 Stars Show in Cattolica

14-16 June, 2013

A big National 4 stars show had took place in San Giovanni in Marignano, which was attended, for the team IHC, by Anabella Pezzoli and Lisa Grilli.

Starting from the results of Lisa, riding the bay mare 6 y.o. Alice del Silone, has astounded with two first places in the class B100 and E110 as well as a second place in the E110 on Saturday, without ever touching a fence.

Excellent placement for Anabella Pezzoli and the descendant of Darco, the 11 year old Belgian gelding SAPHIR DE L’HERSE: for the pair a 2nd place in the “big course” on Saturday, a 140 in two phases and a 14th place in the 145 GP in two rounds where, unfortunately, had a little fault at the number one.

However, we are pleased with the results and look forward with confidence to the future.


Stallion ETA BETA at the debut

May 17 to 19, 2013

Last weekend, at GESE of San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), took place a national competition which has the paretecipation of Anabella Pezzoli, leading to debut the 4 years old stallion from Cornet Obolensky x Grannus, ETA BETA (in photo). Since then he has shown an outstanding quality in the jump, a fantastic movement and good scope although it must obviously still a long experience.

In addition to ETA BETA was also in the race the 7 years old CONTENDRO x CONTENDER, COCO JAMBO, this time ridden by Luca Calabro, who made two races without errors, gaining good placements.