Anabella and UNO headline on tv

15th of May, 2014

Thanks to the fantastic 2nd place in the Grand Prix of the European Youngster Cup in San Giovanni in Marignano, Anabella and her UNO II jump to the headlines of the national equitation TV: here is the spot dedicated to them on Class Horse TV.


Anabella Pezzoli and UNO won the 2nd place in the GP 145 of European Youngster Cup


7 - April 11, 2014

Anabella Pezzoli riding the great chestnut gelding by BURGGRAAF, UNO II , earning 2nd place in the GP of European Youngster Cup, which was held inside the CSI *** in San Giovanni in Marignano (Cattolica, Italy) . With a base course ended with 0 penalties , only two , Anabella and Australia's Georgina Harvey accessed the barrage of this challenging GP 145, where, unfortunately , Anabella made ​​a fault.

And to complete the success of this international show for the team IHC there was the winning of Anabella and UNO in the first race of the European Youngster Cup on Friday , along with an 8th place in the accumulator with jolly of the CSI ***, in the saddle , this time , to SAPHIR DE L’HERSE ( OGANO SITTE x AYDIN DES MALAIS) .

Another great show for COCO JAMBO ( CONTENDRO x CONTENDER) ridden by Luca Calabro in the CSI *** , for the duo an excellent 2nd place in the 130 against the clock on Sunday and a 6 th place in the 135 against the clock of Friday; really a machine for clear rounds!

Excellent performance for the champion Fernando Fourcade engaged in the CSI ***; for him several placementys , among which a 7th place in the 150 qualifying for the GP with SILVANO DE CHEVRY, 8th place in the 140 against the clock with ASCOT SAN PATRIGNANO, a 6 th place in the 145 with SOLIMAR D’IZELLA and winning in the accumulator still riding ASCOT SAN PATRIGNANO.

IHC was undoubtedly the best team in the show, a sign that the quality of the center which allows optimal management and training of the horses, pay at the end.


Anabella Pezzoli and UNO II got the 9th place in the Italian Championships. 

23 – 27 of April, 2014

Great show for Anabella Pezzoli riding the outstanding chestnut gelding 13 years old UNO (BURGGRAAF x ZEUS), which, with 8 total points penalty in the 3 tracks of the champinship, won the 9th place in the Italian Championship Criterium 2nd grade. At the end of the second round the pair was in 6th place and could aspire to a medal, but a fault at the penultimate obstacle of the third and final round got them to 9th place.

Well done to both!

A great days, crowned by the positive performance of SAPHIR DE HERSE with an 8th and 9th place in the categories 130 and the son of CONTENDRO, COCO JAMBO, which mounted by Luke Calabro earned a 4th  place in the 130 in two phases and a 6th place in 135 against the clock, rode this time by Anabella Pezzoli.

See below the video of UNO and Anabella of the 145 second manche of the Italian Championship.




COCO JAMBO GOT THE WIN in the CSI ** INDOOR of San Giovanni in Marignano

18/20 October, 2013

The 7 y.o. chestnut gelding son of CONTENDRO x CONTENDER, COCO JAMBO won his first competition in an international class.

And as they say, a good day starts in the morning, COCO JAMBO, ridden by Luca Calabro, got  good results since the beginning: 0/8 in the competition in two phases reserved to youngster of 7 years old on Friday, 0 in the base course and one fault in the barrage of the mixed competition, which have earned the pair a 4th place on Saturday and at least a clear round with winning in the competition against the clock on Sunday.

COCO JAMBO never ends to amaze all and improves day by day, always wants to do well and give it all to end paths without faults, he is really a source of satisfaction and pride for all the team IHC.