Position of IHC:

Stable IHC is located close to the village of Gatteo (FC), via Rubicone 33.

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We are in the middle of the equestrian world, only few minutes from the best equestrian centers of Italy: 12 km from Le Siepi in Cervia, 35 km from the HORSE RIVIERA RESORT in San Giovanni in Marignano well known as Cattolica, about an hour's drive from GESE in San Lazzaro di Savena (Bo), about 2.5 hours from AREZZO EQUESTRIAN CENTER and 3 hours from MANERBIO.


There is the opportunity of moving to our center only the summer months; the resort Insolent Inn has 7 rooms available and the proximity to Le Siepi of Cervia and the Horse Riviera Resort of Cattolica allows to compete every week without having to do too much road, moreover you can relax yourself in the nearby beaches of Cesenatico and Gatteo a Mare, after having trained the horses.

IHC – International Horse Center

Via Rubicone, 33
47043 Gatteo (FC) - Italy

Insolent Inn Resort

Via Rubicone, 3
47043 Gatteo (FC) - Italy

Tel: +39 393 0860754

e-mail: insolent.inn@gmail.com