About us

IHC - International Horse Center, was founded in 2007, from an idea and the passion for horses of Paolo Pezzoli linked to the sport activity of his daughter Anabella.

The first competiotion of Anabella and pony Insolent(June 2001)

The first competiotion of Anabella and the pony Insolent(June 2001)

Le gare continuano, Anabella e Perouchka (Giugno 2002)

The races continue, Anabella and Perouchka (Giugno 2002)

Anabella e Insolent (Aprile 2003)

Anabella and Insolent (Aprile 2003)

Grandi Eventi, Anabella e Geniale Demoiselle in premiazione (04 Luglio 2003-Migliarino Pisano)

Major events, Anabella and Geniale Demoiselle in awards (July 14th 2003-Migliarino Pisano)

Anabella e Betulla V GP Pony Cinzano (Aprile 2004)

Anabella and Betulla V GP Pony Cinzano (April 2004)

Paolo is a renowned entrepreneur and manager involved in tourism industry, where, among other things, he was founder, President and CEO of Easy Market, the online travel leader in Italy, later acquired by the German group TUI Travel, the world leader in organized tourism.

The passion for horses of Anabella moved him to create a center tailored to the needs of the horses, giving priority to their contact with nature, providing them with large green paddock, spacious and brilliant stalls with external windows, arenas suited for training and appropriate facilities for sport horse activities.

Paolo has tried, with success, to avoid all the problems he found in the stables which had previously attended, all focusing on good governance and quality of services for both horses and guests. "On the other hand will be enough to manage the center with the same commitment and passion we use for our horses," thought Paolo, making the same cares for guests and their 4 legs fellows .

Moreover, after several years of changing sites and stables it was time to find a new home for Anabella and her horses.

Anabella has begun to compete at the age of 12 and since then his commitment, both in show competitions than in training, has been steady and currently her horse park is composed almost entirely of horse who have been with her since the young age of 4-5 years.

IHC is now synonymous with good management and high-level facilities and their guests are competing in the best national and international show arenas by success.

Anabella e Insolent, CSI Cervia (Agosto 2004)

Anabella and Insolent, CSI Cervia (Agoust 2004)

Anabella e Landgraaf, Piazza di Siena (2005)

Anabella and Landgraaf, Piazza di Siena (2005)

2 posto assoluto Anabella e Landgraaf, Piazza di Siena (2005)

Second place overall Anabella and Landgraaf, Piazza di Siena (2005)

Anabella e Landgraaf, SanPa Indoor (2007)

Anabella and Landgraaf, SanPa Indoor (2007)

Lagun3 e Anabella (aprile 2007)

Lagun3 and Anabella (april 2007)

Anabella e Spahir de l'Herse

Anabella and Spahir de l'Herse